About The CHI Worldwide Center

CHI Worldwide Center (CWC) will host people of all ages, providing tours, seminars, workshops, and outreach to promote and teach comprehensive integrative sustainability through the practice of permaculture farming and ranching, healthy living, weight-release, performance enhancement, recycling, zero waste architecture, and clean technologies. And lastly, CWC will provide retreats, homes, and rental properties for those who want the breathtaking peacefulness and life changing reinvigoration that truly harmonious living gives you, plus with the inherent security of our comprehensive sustainable philosophy and designs, you will be able to lay rest any fears and anxieties that the world of economic and environmental instability creates; knowing that in the midst of any instability, you have a safe, secure, and comfortable, but more to the point, sustainable place where you will prosper and enjoy life.

CWC Location
CWC will be located in Park County, Colorado. Within a few hours driving distance to Denver, Colorado Springs, and world-famous ski resort Breckrenridge. CWC is not only ideal for people wanting to commune more closely with nature, but also those who want to still be in somewhat close proximity to urban offerings. The high altitude of 8000+ feet makes CWCs location ideal for beatific mountain views, as well as solar and green energies; this region of Park County boasts over 300 days of sun annually.

CWC Facility
The CWC Retreat Center will be built and run using green, sustainable and environmentally sound principles, with a neutral carbon footprint and off-the-grid practices. CWC will be built using a combination of earth-sheltered, paramagnetic geodesic dome technology and sacred geometry, as these are the best-known ways of maintaining harmony with the environment. Sacred geometry and paramagnetic structures promote growth in seedlings, while the same exact seedlings die in conventional architecture and building materials. Additionally, earth-sheltered and geodesic dome buildings provides relief from exorbitant heating and cooling, as well as a decreased carbon footprint from energy expenditures, but utilizes sun and reflective technology for lighting. Earth-sheltered and dome buildings are also naturally resistant to human and natural disasters, as well as being naturally fire-, flood-, and pest-proof, so there is no need for the use of toxic chemicals. CWC plans to be a resource and example of sustainable building and living, and will host individuals studying green, environmental and eco-technology, lifestyle design, and zero point energy as well as those seeking to release weight, and achieve optimum health while simultaneously reconnecting and respecting the environment, the community, and themselves.

CWC Mission Statement
CWC's mission is to create, maintain, make profitable a space that disseminates tools, knowledge, and experiences that promote, support, and maintain individual, and community health and harmony with no other purpose than the integration of comprehensive sustainability through hands-on trainings, seminars, education, and products with the understanding that true comprehensive sustainability cannot be attained unless the individual is sustainable, internally and externally, and the participation of that individual in their culture and community is also sustainable, while at all times maintaining planetary and ecological sustainably through every aspect.

Comprehensive Sustainability & Their Technologies Employed At CWC

  • Aquaponics
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • DIY Tractors, Machinery, & Equipment
  • Aviation
  • Waste Recycling for Natural Gas
  • Steam energy
  • Extended Battery Technology
  • Permacuture Farming & Livestock
  • Water recycling: Grey, black water, and condensation collection
  • Vortex Water Purification
  • HHO & Electric Vehicle Technology
  • Sacred Geometry Construction
  • Geodesic, Paramagnetic Basalt-based Domes
  • Sustainable Gardening and Personal Green Houses
  • DIY Beauty and Household Products

CWC’s View of Integrative Sustainability
The design and use of human, technological, and natural resources, while ensuring humankind’s use of earth’s resources do not lead to diminished health or quality of life for this or future generations, diminished natural resources or adverse impact on economic opportunities, social conditions, human health and environment.

CWC’s Areas of Expertise
  • Creating Integrative Sustainability
  • Healthy Lifestyle Design
  • Organic Eating & Cooking
  • Urban Organic Gardening
  • Aquaponics
  • Urban Composting
  • Aviation
  • Renewable & Sustainable Energy
  • Nutrition & Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Martial Arts
  • Body Work
  • Documentary Film-making
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Flotation Meditation & Visualization
  • Optimum Performance Enhancement
  • Composting
CWC Community,
Education, Outreach
CWC will be home to and host people of all ages, providing tours, seminars, workshops, and outreach to promote and teach integrative sustainability, healthy living, and performance enhancement. Though CWC will host all ages, the focus will be on educating children in integrative sustainable living, so as to create in the upcoming generation a respect, love, and deep appreciation for nature, sustainable lifestyles, personal and environmental health.

CHI Community
Modeled with the philosophy that each individual's greatest contribution to their community is to be fully expressed as their individual selves, and that we are here to help and look out for one another, the CHI Community will be a growing populace of people wanting to emulate a more egalitarian and indigenous style of living in groups, while employing many modern technologies for effectiveness and convenience. The permanent, seasonal resident or weekend visitor of CHI will find all of their needs taken care of - meals, health care, utilities, entertainment, business, activities and transportation, CHI will be a truly all-inclusive, state-of-the-art, sustainable, and self-sufficient community. The current state of the world's relatively new practice of having and consuming more than you need is unsustainable and the notion that attaining one thing will make you happy, therefore two things will make you twice as happy is erroneous and ultimately self-destructive. The style of living where the health and well-being of your entire tribe is of the utmost importance was tried and tested for hundreds of thousands of years by indigenous populations all over the globe; CWC will be bringing this age-old wisdom of tribal living to the modern age. Think of an all-inclusive high-end resort that is actually ecological, sustainable and organic in all of its practices.

Sustainable Engineering Lab & Machine Shop
In alignment with CWC's mission statement, our state-of-the-art Lab will be home to many great inventors and technologies that work in harmony with the planet, and will aim to solve many of the detrimental issues related to energy and the by-products of modern society and its energy addiction and consumption. This is where the sustainable energies and technologies employed at CWC will be developed and improved with the purpose of creating cleaner, more self-contained communities worldwide. Additionally, the CWC Lab and Machine Shop will be equipped to repair and build anything the CWC may require - creating true comprehensive sustainability.

Urban Sustainability
Tours of eco-friendly, sustainable center, zero-waste building, earth-sheltered technology, as well as teaching how solar, wind, and hydro energies work, and create economic and employment opportunities inherent in sustainable building, living and community.

Sustainable Living Day Trip

Day-long tour and seminar to introduce and familiarize people with sustainable principles and techniques, created especially to demystify and integrate the ability to live in harmony with oneself and nature without sacrificing modern conveniences or cultural acceptability and adoption.

Organic Weight & Lifestyle Management
Ongoing and intensive workshops teaching healthy living principles including yoga, pilates, interval training, organic and sustainable gardening, eating and cooking. The intention is to learn in a beautiful, natural, mountain environment and gain an appreciation for being healthy in nature, therefore reinforcing the desire and connection for sustainable, healthful living.

Urban Fit
Ongoing and intensive workshops teaching how to live a more sustainable lifestyle in modern and urban society by teaching urban gardening, urban sustainability and meditative practices that will create and promote earth-friendly harmonious living.

Mountain Fit
How to identify, survive and thrive in a wilderness environment utilizing CWC’s 40-acres as well as nearby reserves, state and national parks to promote a greater connection, understanding, and ease with nature.

Wilderness Survival
How to identify, survive and thrive in a wilderness environment utilizing CWC’s 40-acres as well as nearby reserves, state and national parks to promote a greater connection, understanding, and ease with nature.

Isolation Flotation Tank Meditation & Visualization
Everyone can benefit from the deep meditation achieved through sensory deprivation. CWC will greatly benefit olympic athletes and high-performance individuals interested in performance enhancement inherent in utilizing cutting-edge sensory deprivation, hypnosis, visualization and auditory training to achieve personal, athletic business goals, and increased performance.

Transformational Fighting Arts (TFA)

Ongoing and intensive martial arts classes, taught in a beautiful, natural setting to create connection with the environment and yourself. TFA draws from 30 ancient, classical and modern systems including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee), Ba Kua, Aikido, Kali, and Ju Jitsu. Sifu Marcus, the head instructor, has over 20 years of experience, and though most of these systems don’t have belts or ranking, he would have the equivalent of a 9th degree black belt.

Vision Quest
One to two-week intensive rehabilitation workshops that integrate all CWC has to offer, including meditation, visualization, hypnotherapy, flotation, yoga, martial arts, body-work, wilderness survival, organic eating and cooking, discovering your purpose within a sustainable ecology, spiritual and physical performance enhancement, training in sustainable lifestyle, and integrating spiritual and sustainability principles into everyday, modern living.

Sustainable Media Center

A fully functional production studio, media center, and editing facility able to broadcast and produce the highest quality documentaries, films, interviews, and web content. The CWC Media Center will be run with the philosophy that interconnectedness and communication are paramount, specifically during unforeseen environmental and world events. What sets our media center apart and makes it sustainable is that we will take precautions, and have protections and back-ups in place so that we may still operate and broadcast regardless of the aforementioned events.

Bionomic Airfield & Helipad

Nestled on CWC's scenic valley with easy and convenient access to Colorado Springs and Denver airports. With future plans to fly and maintain bio-diesel aircraft, and many other types of cutting-edge planes that utilize alternative fuel.

“It’s not about knowing it; it’s about living it.”
-Marcus Lovemore

Chi Worldwide Center
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Marcus Lovemore, Co-Founder
Katie Strand, Co-Founder